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Music-Based Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Approach

Recovery Unplugged Texas offers a new and effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment approach, blending traditional and evidence-based treatment practices with a modern and effective music-based therapy approach. Our experienced and dedicated clinical staff partners with our accomplished and talented creative professionals to give patients a comprehensive and well-rounded recovery experience.

Recovery Unplugged believes that patients are best served when they have access to quality care throughout each phase of the recovery process, and we strive to provide customized, music-based care. Our treatment approach is designed to help patients heal as individuals, not simply a composite of their addictions and symptoms.

A Full Continuum of Care

The Recovery Unplugged drug and alcohol addiction treatment approach is primarily music-oriented; however, we realize the importance of traditional foundations and have developed a care model that seamlessly blends proven practices and innovation. While learning the basics of songwriting, performing and leveraging the creative process to break down emotional barriers, patients also undergo medically supervised detox, comprehensive rehab and behavior modification and continued aftercare. Addiction recovery is a complex and ongoing endeavor, and it is a core belief that patients need a full continuum of care so they have all the help they need along their journey. Our commitment to our patients doesn’t end once they leave our facility.


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Using Music to Promote Healing

As humans, most of us have felt that deep, almost primal, sense of comfort, satisfaction and connection when we hear our favorite songs. Whether we’re actively participating in the creation of music or passively experiencing our favorite songs on the radio or in our homes, the power of music is something to which almost all of us can relate. Music helps to better access and articulate our emotions and express ourselves when words fail, as they often do for so many. Our leadership has found a way to utilize the healing power of music to aid in the recovery process. Patients build on their innate love of music by learning to actively engage in its creation, recording and performance.

Unlocking Dormant Emotions

Through exposure to the catharsis and emotional release that comes with writing music and lyrics, patients can navigate the emotional obstacles that have inhibited their self-awareness and may have contributed to their substance abuse. The process helps patients access painful trauma and addiction-related triggers in a healthy and controlled environment, while allowing them to channel their emotions toward something constructive and creative. Whether they’re banging on a drum or getting ready to lay down tracks in our fully functional recording studio, our patients derive a great sense of confidence and emotional strength when they’re able to use the power of music to unlock their true selves.

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