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The Sounds of Recovery

One of the most rewarding parts about healing our patients through music is the chance to help them create some truly amazing songs. When our patients are allowed to express themselves and break down the emotional barriers that have contributed to their addiction, it very often produces raw, unfiltered and inspiring works of musical art. Patients work in our fully functional, state-of-the-art recording studio and leave with a custom-loaded MP3 player so they can have a constant reminder of their progress and growth in treatment. Check out the Recovery Unplugged Sessions, happening here twice a week where our patients perform songs for their peers.

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Building Confidence and Creativity

By guiding our patients through the songwriting, recording and production processes, Recovery Unplugged is helping them create a permanent artifact of their growth and success in recovery, while helping them access dormant emotions that can channel into creative projects. Listening to these songs, even years after they leave our program, can remind them of their strength and talent.

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