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Does AmeriHealth Cover Drug Rehab?

AmeriHealth is a provider of health insurance for employers and individuals throughout the state of New Jersey. They cover drug treatment that is medically necessary with both their HMO and PPO plans. With AmeriHealth, the user’s primary care physician must make the referral.

AmeriHealth’s health insurance will cover various forms of treatment depending on what policy a client has. Recovery Unplugged will walk every potential client with AmeriHealth through this process.

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AmeriHealth Drug Rehab Coverage

Depending on the type of plan a person has, they may be limited to a particular level of care. On an AmeriHealth ID card is a phone number to call where a representative will tell the user specific details about his or her plan. Recovery Unplugged can also provide further insight on your AmeriHealth drug treatment coverage.

AmeriHealth’s PPO plans (Preferred Provider Organizers) provide both inpatient and outpatient treatment of drug abuse. Different HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans for AmeriHealth are available in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The AmeriHealth drug rehab plans cover substance abuse outside of a mental illness filing, while the other HMO plans cover drug treatment under mental health. There is also a special plan called the “AmeriHealth New Jersey Project.”

Does AmeriHealth Cover Drug Rehab?

Finding the right drug rehab can often be a difficult task, don’t let the confusion caused by insurance policies slow down the process. If you have any questions about AmeriHealth’s coverage of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, contact Recovery Unplugged to get the most comprehensive info. Our team has years of professional experience and training in dealing with AmeriHealth drug rehab coverage. Proper rehabilitation is needed to overcome addiction, so contact Recovery Unplugged at (954) 703-1975 today!


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