Remember Your Training: Your Guide to A Safe, Happy and Sober Olympics

5 February 2018
Sober Olympics

There is a close and documented relationship between substance abuse and the Olympic games. An event that has long been associated with doping scandals, post-career painkiller and alcohol abuse and more, this r...

Forming a Game Plan to Prevent Super Bowl Relapse

1 February 2018

This Sunday more than a third of the country is expected to watch the biggest sporting event of the year. A day that has truly transcended, the Super Bowl represents a celebrated American institution. It’s al...

The Whole Package: Dealing with Health Issues from Opioid Addiction

24 January 2018
Addressing Health Issues from Opioid Addiction

By the time opioid addiction takes of us or the people we love, there is a five-alarm urgency to get into treatment and immediately start reversing the course of this deadly and debilitating illness. All we can...


17 January 2018

The recovery landscape is riddled with stories of horror, despair, perseverance and hope; and Nicole Walmsley’s story contains all of these in that order. Our new Outreach Manager and the latest addition to t...

Cranberries Singer Dolores O’Riordan Dies at 46

15 January 2018

International music star and former lead singer of 90’s rock fixtures The Cranberries Dolores O’Riordan died suddenly today of causes yet to be revealed. Blessed with an unmistakably powerful voice and a se...

Meth Abuse in Texas Is an Enduring Threat

11 January 2018
Meth Abuse in Texas

While the nation understandably concerns itself and commits the bulk of its resources to addressing opioid abuse, other addiction threats continue to fester and grow. One of the most recent examples of this und...

The Cole Memo: What It Is and What It’s Meant for Marijuana Use

8 January 2018
Cole-Memo and Marijuana Use

Federal and state law have, for some time, existed in direct conflict with one another in many areas of the country regarding marijuana use. The issue has been a political lightning rod that has created many un...

Components of An Effective Recovery Plan

3 January 2018
Recovery Plan

In recovery, there is a lot of talk about “Day 1”. Whether it’s in reference to a person’s first day without using drugs or alcohol; their first day of treatment or their first day after they complete t...

Make Recovery Your New Year’s Resolution

29 December 2017

As the clock winds down on 2017, more and more of us can’t help but think about what we can do to make things better in the coming New Year. There’s something innate in humanity that demands self-reflection...

What Do Banned CDC Words Mean for Addiction Care?

18 December 2017
Banned CDC Words

Science and medicine have always relied on a baseline vocabulary to assess origins of phenomena, form hypotheses, measure results and codify basic truths of the natural order. By and large, this critical termin...