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Crack Addiction

A Particularly Deadly Form of Cocaine

Crack is a rock-like, crystalline form of cocaine that is refined and smoked. It produces a more intense cocaine high than when cocaine is snorted and is one of the most lethal addiction problems in the United States. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there were 354,000 lifetime crack users in the United States in 2014. A problem once thought to primarily impact impoverished urban areas, crack has transcended all cultural stereotypes and has once again become a full-scale addiction threat. Crack is generally much cheaper than powder cocaine and is much more accessible to younger users.

Physical and Psychological Dangers of Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine changes the brain’s chemistry and can very quickly turn users into addicts. The dangers of powder cocaine abuse are magnified with crack because of the intensity and immediacy of the high. Many addicts feel the need to smoke more crack just 15 minutes after their last high. Some of the more serious physical dangers of crack include:

  • Cardiac arrest
  • Constriction of blood vessels
  • Stroke
  • Brain damage
  • Respiratory problems

If you or a loved have started using crack, it’s imperative that you get treatment now to avoid deadly health risks.


Don’t become another statistic. Recovery Unplugged is ready to provide you or your loved one with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction treatment. Call Now: (855) 384-6340 to take your life back.

The Social Stigma of Crack Cocaine

For decades, crack has been viewed as a problem that mainly affects impoverished minorities. The reality is, however, that this drug affects users of all ages and backgrounds. SAMHSA reports that approximately 8,000 adolescents between 12 to 17 used crack cocaine in 2014, while the National Institute on Drug Abuse Reports that 4.6 percent of all Americans 26 and older used crack that same year. The stigma associated with addiction is especially strong when it comes to crack, and has prevented many users from getting the help they need. If you or someone you care about is battling crack addiction, don’t let shame prevent you from seeking treatment.

Compassionate and Effective Crack Addiction Treatment in Austin

Compassionate and Effective Crack Addiction Treatment in Austin

The cultural stereotype associated with crack has directly affected the level of treatment resources that are available to vulnerable users. In the meantime, it takes only a very short time for this drug to render users dependent and locked in an endless cycle of withdrawal and relapse. Recovery Unplugged Texas is committed to providing compassionate, effective and patient-centered crack addiction treatment in Austin, Texas. We are mindful of the intense strain the body and mind can experience when in the throes of crack withdrawal, and we are ready to offer world-class professionals to help relieve symptoms. Many crack addiction recovery centers in Austin don’t have the resources to offer medical detox and withdrawal management.

Crack addiction very often renders patients temporarily unable to assume control of their own lives, even after they receive treatment and they’re in the early stages of recovery. This is why Recovery Unplugged offers long-term treatment options, including sober housing in Austin to help patients get back on track and rebuild their careers and relationships. Recovery is a lifelong journey and we are committed to providing the resources you or your loved one needs to reclaim your life and rebuild your future. Call us today at (855) 384-6340 to start the rehab and treatment process and begin your crack addiction recovery.

Treating Crack Addiction

Crack addiction causes significant changes in brain activity and physical health. For these reasons, addicts should enter a medically supervised detox program to ensure they’re stable enough to enter recovery. Once detox is complete and patients are medically stable, we offer quality partial-care, intensive outpatient and regular outpatient treatment programs. Crack addiction can cause particularly serious damage in users’ lives, including their finances, relationships and life skills. Recovery Unplugged is waiting to help your or your loved one move past their crack addiction and take charge of your future.

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