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Marijuana Abuse

What You Need to Know about Marijuana Abuse

Over the past few decades, there has been a shift in public perception toward the dangers of marijuana. While the drug’s effects and lethality may have been greatly exaggerated in some circles, the pendulum seems to now be swinging the other way toward an overtly permissive culture and attitude toward marijuana and similar drugs. Despite its clinical efficacy in controlled medicinal contexts, the fact remains that the plant contains mind-altering substances that can impair judgment, slow down motor skills and lead to dangerous behavior and the use of other more serious drugs. While marijuana addiction might not be as large of a threat to the American public as prescription opioid addiction, the drug is still the most commonly abused in the country.

Potential Dangers of Marijuana

In 2012, Colorado became ground-zero for the legalization of marijuana. Its population voted decisively to make the drug legal for recreational use, and federal enforcement has done little to stop it. Since its legalization within the state, safety and quality of life among Colorado residents has clearly and sharply declined. A 2015 study revealed a sharp increase in marijuana-related DUIs and traffic fatalities. School suspensions and expulsions are at an all-time high and both adult and juvenile use is on the rise, despite the regulation restricting recreational use to those 21 years of age and older. By all apparent accounts, the widespread proliferation of marijuana has led to a decline in quality of life throughout the state.


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The Relationship between Marijuana and Other Drugs

The debate regarding whether or not marijuana is a “gateway drug” is likely to continue for years to come between legalization and prevention advocates. The fact remains, however, that many who abuse addictive and deadly drugs like cocaine, prescription pills and even heroin start off by using marijuana. Much like alcohol, it can be difficult these days to identify what constitutes casual and extreme use of marijuana. If you’re noticing that marijuana is negatively impacting your life or the life of a loved one, Recovery Unplugged is ready to help. Marijuana addiction might not be as deadly as other forms of chemical dependency, but it can very easily cost users their lives through indirect circumstances.