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Meth Addiction

Meth Addiction Treatment at Recovery Unplugged

Methamphetamine, commonly known as “crystal meth” or “meth”, is a type of stimulant drug that can come in many forms and cause serious long-term physical and psychological damage if abused. It is commonly administered in the form of white, bitter-tasting tablets that are manufactured in makeshift laboratories using unpredictable ingredients. Users also snort and inject the drug for a more immediate high. One of the active ingredients in most types of meth, pseudoephedrine, is also found in popular cough and cold medicines. Meth produces a comparatively quick high, causing users to seek the drug more and more. In some cases, people take methamphetamine in a form of binging known as a “run,” giving up food and sleep while continuing to take the drug every few hours for up to several days.

Health Effects of Meth Addiction

Meth creates serious and potentially permanent changes in the brain’s chemistry, which is why it’s important to seek treatment immediately. Some of the more common side effects of prolonged meth use include, but are not limited to:

  • Heart Problems
  • Paranoid Delusions
  • Severe Weight Loss
  • Dental Issues (Teeth Falling Out)
  • Psychosis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Tremors and Convulsions

The exact symptoms that each patients exhibit will vary according to the scope and duration of their addiction. It’s imperative to seek help immediately upon the onset of withdrawal symptoms. Meth is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable substance abuse threats currently in the United States.


Don’t become another statistic. Recovery Unplugged is ready to provide you or your loved one with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction treatment. Call Now: (855) 384-6340 to take your life back.

Treating Meth Addiction

Meth addiction treatment requires a targeted combination of detox and rehabilitation. It’s imperative that users have medically supervised withdrawal management to help them safely come through the worst of their symptoms. The treatment process also requires comprehensive behavior modification to help patients address any mental illness that may have caused or been caused by meth abuse. Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive, music-based treatment that combines traditional detox and rehab with proven supplemental therapies like songwriting, performance and music appreciation.

Meth Addiction Treatment in Austin, Texas

Meth Addiction Treatment in Austin, Texas

In the wake of the opioid explosion and the emergence of other new synthetic substance abuse threats, meth has remained a serious and consistent problem for the entire state of Texas, including Austin. More and more residents continue to overdose while others experience dangerous environmental and quality of life issues from the conditions caused by makeshift laboratories. Methamphetamine treatment requires expert medical detox and, very often, long-term rehab and behavior modification to help patients restore proper neurological function and begin to rebuild their lives in a safe, compassionate and supportive environment. Recovery Unplugged Texas strives to provide quality meth addiction treatment in Austin through our music-based care approach.

Many of our meth addiction treatment patients benefit from our sober living program in Austin. This arrangement allows them to heal in a safe and structured paradigm while incrementally offering independence as they regain control of their lives. The changes that meth creates to the brain’s chemistry can severely impact a sufferer’s career, familial relationships and everyday quality of life. Recovery Unplugged Texas offers the resources, expertise and personnel necessary to help patients fight back from this deadly and dangerous substance. Call us today at (855) 384-6340 before it’s too late.

The Timetable of Meth Addiction

Meth’s extreme potency renders users addicted quicker than many other drugs, often causing users’ lives to spiral out of control before they even know they even know what hit them; this is why any rehab program must address the lifestyle damage that patients have sustained, such as losing their families or their careers as a result of their meth use. You don’t have to relinquish your future to meth addiction. Call Recovery Unplugged today to start the healing process.

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