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Opiate/Opioid Detox

Understanding the Need for Opioid Detox

Opioids are a family of drugs that are designed to relieve pain. Derived from the opium poppy plant, they have proven enormously effective in the treatment of severe pain; but have also proven to be highly addictive. There are both legitimate forms of opiates, such as morphine and prescription painkillers, and illegitimate types such as heroin. These drugs are extremely potent and often cause users to be addicted after only a very short time.

Opioid users develop addiction through a variety of different circumstances. Some start taking their legitimate medication in a manner inconsistent with their physicians’ orders and some simply start abusing them recreationally and become hooked. In 2013 between, approximately 20 million people across the globe used opioids recreationally. Whether you’ve fallen victim to fentanyl addiction or have been abusing oxycodone, Recovery Unplugged Texas opioid detox center is ready to offer quality withdrawal management assistance. Call (855) 384-6340 to start your treatment.

Do I Need Opioid Detox?

Once it is established that a person is abusing opioids, whether it’s heroin or prescription painkillers, they have a very narrow window before abuse turns to addiction. When addiction forms, it’s critical that users seek help from a quality, medically supervised opioid detox facility. Recovering opioid users will always experience some level of withdrawal during their detox period, and often for a long time after. While each user’s withdrawal period depends on how long they’ve been using and their level of addiction, the process is never pain-free.

Common opioid withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Lack of Energy
  • Runny Nose
  • Abdominal Cramping
  • Fatigue
  • Yawning
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Severe Abdominal Pain
  • Extreme Sweating
  • Slowed Breathing
  • Flushed Skin
  • Severe Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Sleep Disorder

Some of the symptoms develop very shortly after opioid abuse begins. Some Texas opioid detox centers in Austin, including Recovery Unplugged, offer medical personnel to help mitigate these withdrawals to make patients more comfortable during this considerably difficult period.


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What Happens during Opioid Detox?

The opioid detox process involves users purging their systems of the toxins that have built up in their body due to prolonged and untreated opioid abuse. Whether it’s prescription painkillers or heroin, a body that has been affected by opioid abuse needs time to readjust to functioning without a steady supply of the drug. It can take months or longer for patients to be fully rid of addiction-related toxins; however, stabilization is usually accomplished in a matter of days or a week. Once patients complete residential detox, they may have the option of taking maintenance medications to manage their cravings, including buprenorphine, naltrexone and methadone. A recovering opioid user can take these medications in the same way a person struggling with heart disease can take medicine for their illness. It’s important to consult with a qualified doctor before starting, changing or ending use of these or any other types of prescriptions. Most Texas opioid detox centers will be able to help you determine if medication-assisted treatment is right for you.

Advantages of Professional Opioid Detox

Withdrawal can range from mild to moderate to severe to life-threatening. While it may be possible for those who have just started abusing opioids to detox on their own, these symptoms are much more easily managed with the help of a qualified and reputable professional detox program. A professional detox facility is staffed with experienced and compassionate professionals who are trained in opioid withdrawal management and can provide symptom relief during the most difficult points of the withdrawal period. Many are staffed with doctors that can provide medical assistance in the event of an emergency.

Once opioid addiction develops, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to detox without help. A professional program can help soften the withdrawal process, and give patients the energy and focus they need to move on to the next stage of treatment. The relapse rates for opioid addicts who try to quit on their own are extremely high. This is often because withdrawal proves to be too much to handle. Call Recovery Unplugged today at (855) 384-6340 for comfortable and effective Texas opioid detox.