Dining Services

Helping Patients Maintain A Healthy and Fulfilling Diet

At Recovery Unplugged Texas, we recognize that patients can experience a jarring lifestyle change, however temporarily, when they enter inpatient or residential treatment; this is especially true of those with special dietary needs and preferences. We also recognize that treatment can be an overall physically and emotionally taxing process, and that any sense of comfort and familiarity patients can experience can represent the difference between successful completion of their program and frustration with the overall rehab process. In an effort make our patients as comfortable as possible, and help them maintain any pre-established dietary routines, Recovery Unplugged Texas is committed to providing a full range of culinary options and the highest-quality food during the inpatient treatment process.

catered meals

Customized Menu Options

Part of our commitment to providing an entirely individualized treatment experience is giving patients input when developing their own menus. Our culinary options feature nutritionally dense and delectable dishes using the freshest ingredients. Our trained chef travels to the farmer’s market every Sunday and allows patients to join him so they have maximum involvement in the preparation of their meals. We also offer:

  • Locally Sourced, Pasture-Raised Meats
  • Locally Sources Organic Produce
  • Organic Snacks
  • Unique and Freshly Prepared Recipes
  • House-Made Bread Using Yeast Cultured by Our Chef
  • Meals Prepared with Guidance from a Licensed Dietician

For more information on our full menu of amenities, call our Admissions Team today at 1- (855) 384-5794.

“When people join in the creative process of making music, they tap into a very personal and emotional space.”

Transcending the Traditional Rehab Culinary Experience

As much as we want our patients to be comfortable, it’s not just about the taste. In addition to simply providing a better overall experience for the patients we serve, Recovery Unplugged Texas understands the importance of food in helping patients maintain and repair their physical health in conjunction with overcoming their chemical dependency. The reality of addiction recovery is that there are certain foods that are known to trigger cravings and certain foods that naturally promote healing and overall wellness. We have developed our culinary offerings to blend nutrition, freshness and taste in way that other addiction treatment facilities simply do not offer. We are also very sensitive to the pre-established dietary needs with which patients arrive at our facility and strive to help them stay on track while they are with us.

Our Trained and Experienced Chef

The culinary selections at Recovery Unplugged are developed and prepared by the inimitable chef Timothy Dearing. Tim has worked in the restaurant industry for over 18 years and received both his Associates Degree and Bachelor of Arts from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. He has worked in several top-tier restaurants and brings a commitment to fresh, local sourced to food to Recovery Unplugged. Tim comes to RU Texas from the culinary mecca of Portland, Oregon where, among holding other impressive positions, he worked at the horticulture-inspired Farm Spirit restaurant. Tim has over five consecutive years in recovery to his credit and is mindful of the difficulty patients face in finding quality food in treatment.