Forming a Game Plan to Prevent Super Bowl Relapse

1 February 2018

This Sunday more than a third of the country is expected to watch the biggest sporting event of the year. A day that has truly transcended, the Super Bowl represents a celebrated American institution. It’s also an event that happens to be linked to incredibly high rates of alcohol consumption. DUIs increase dramatically and rehab centers all over the country have long braced themselves for the inevitable wave of Super Bowl relapse cases following the big game. The good news is the players aren’t the only ones who can train and prepare themselves for the Super Bowl, and those of us in recovery need to form a game plan to avoid a set-back.

Our Treatment Prepared Us for This

Avoiding Super Bowl relapse, or relapse on any other day, may be just a matter of remembering the behavioral techniques and avoidance strategies that we cultivated in treatment. The point of rehab is to help us develop behavioral tools to live independently in recovery; this includes our facing the inevitable encounters that we’re going to have with alcohol and drinking culture. By relying on the tools we gained in rehab, we can put some more distance between ourselves and relapse.

Calling A Timeout

When we’re feeling especially vulnerable, whether it’s at a friend’s house, a public place or even in our own homes, we should feel free to call our therapist, sponsor or other designated members of our support system. These people have pledged to help us for a reason, and we shouldn’t be afraid to lean on them when we need a little extra help. Keep the contact information for your support system on speed-dial and use them when appropriate.

Declare Victory and Depart the Field

For many of us, avoiding Super Bowl Relapse may call for a more low-key celebration and mean skipping more “celebratory” events. Each one of us has to assess our readiness level for dealing with alcohol and be honest with ourselves regarding our limitations. It’s ok to say that we’re not ready or “we’re not in the mood” to be around alcohol. Forcing ourselves into situations we’re not ready for can have serious and lasting consequences.

Recovery Unplugged Texas wishes everyone a safe, happy and sober game day and encourages everyone who couldn’t avoid Super Bowl Relapse to seek treatment immediately to get back on track.