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Music Therapy

Music Therapy at Recovery Unplugged Texas

Think of the feeling you get when you hear your favorite song on the radio or your iPod. Think of how you feel when unabashedly belt out a melody when you think nobody’s looking or the chills you get when you hear hook or key-change come in during a pivotal point in the song. Recovery Unplugged Texas has harnessed these experiences and parlayed them into a comprehensive, proven, evidence-base music therapy treatment program for patients struggling with addiction and mental illness. We combine traditional elements of treatment like detoxification and group therapy with music-based therapies to help patients access and harness their emotions.

How Does Music Therapy Work?

Music therapy has, for years, been said to have the ability to regulate listeners’ emotions; however, it has remained on the peripheral of larger overall treatment approaches. Recovery Unplugged has built the entire recovery experience around music because of its universal healing properties. Patients experience a variety of musical therapies, including songwriting, therapeutic journaling, recording, performance and production. The idea is to get them to break down the emotional barriers that have kept them closed off from the world and that may have led to their substance use. Music therapy is helpful to patients, regardless of their musical background. We have treated a full range of patients, from seasoned professional musicians to people who have never picked up an instrument in their lives.


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Benefits of Music Therapy

Clinicians have been using music as a means to treat a full range of maladies for thousands of years, ever since the days of the primitive “healers”. Some of the primary benefits of music therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • Emotional Accessibility
  • Improved Pain Management
  • Psychological Catharsis
  • Creative Development
  • Safely Confronts Toxic Emotions
  • Communal Interaction
  • Improves Symptoms of Depression

The writing process also gives patients a sense of accomplishment. Patients who complete the recorded material leave treatment with an artifact of their recovery.

Part of A Balanced Treatment Approach

While music therapy is the focal point of the Recovery Unplugged treatment approach, it is tempered with clinical interventions like detox and withdrawal management. Our hope is that patients leave our treatment program more susceptible than ever to the benefits of music in treatment. If you or a loved one are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, Recovery Unplugged is ready to offer treatment through compassionate and effective music therapy. Call us today to start healing.

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