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Start Writing Your Recovery Song with Us

One of the most frequent questions our admissions team gets is: “What is the role of music in recovery?” The reality is that music has been used as a therapeutic technique for thousands of years. Simple drumming has been found in numerous studies to increase relaxation and decrease stress and anxiety. Writing lyrics and singing has been found by many clinicians to be cathartic, liberating and beneficial for patients battling addiction and other mental health issues. While music and addiction have been paired for less healthy reasons in pop culture through examples of excess, overdose and crime, music also has the power to impact addiction recovery in a positive way. Recovery Unplugged has developed our entire program around this single idea.

Blending Music and Recovery

The Recovery Unplugged treatment program has been developed for every addiction sufferer, not just musicians. The reality is that everyone can benefit from music-based treatment. A musical background is not required in order to take advantage of this specialized program. We introduce our patients to some of the very basics of songwriting, including writing lyrics and understanding rhythm. Participating in creating music is when we see some truly exceptional results. When people join in the creative process of making music, they tap into a very personal and emotional space. Tapping into this creates a therapeutic and emotional release that is unique to the creative process, and can often probe far deeper that traditional talk therapy.


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How Does Music Move You?

Whether you’re actively playing an instrument and writing songs or simply passively listening to inspirational or emotionally driven songs, music has the power to connect in a way other forms of therapy simply can’t match. Exercises like drumming, karaoke and listening to songs about addiction and recovery have been shown to have therapeutic effects. These activities engage the limbic system, the region of the brain that’s responsible for emotions. Drumming, for example, can help patients connect to their spirituality, and has been shown to have a positive effect on the brain’s pleasure center.

Tradition Meets Innovation

While music is the cornerstone of the Recovery Unplugged Texas treatment philosophy, we combine our innovative therapy with traditional treatment elements like detox, group therapy and individualized counseling. We are committed to providing our patients with the best possible treatment experience. Even our patients with little to no musical background are surprised and thoroughly fulfilled by the process of engaging with music on whatever level they can. Whether they strengthen their chops on an instrument or simply learn to connect more with the music they encounter in their everyday lives, these are tools and connections they can take with them to find inspiration and strength well after they complete their treatment program.

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