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A Safe, Comfortable and Discreet Place to Heal

Recovery Unplugged strives to provide a quality care experience not only through our treatment approach, but also through our residential offerings. We understand that new patients may be apprehensive about entering an inpatient treatment facility, and we work hard to provide the comforts of home. Our Texas drug rehab facility is located on a two-acre property in the vibrant and bustling city of Austin. We offer first-class accommodations during patients’ tenure.

The Comforts You Deserve

In addition to beautifully appointed, semi-private rooms with flat-screen televisions in every unit, the residences at our Texas drug rehab facility offer a variety of amenities, including:

  • Beautifully Landscaped Grounds
  • Access to a Fully Functional Gym
  • Freshly Prepared Meals by an Experienced Chef
  • Large Music Room with Musical and Recording Equipment
  • Doctors on Staff
  • Experienced Staff Members Present 24/7 to Ensure Safety

For more information on our full menu of amenities, call our Admissions Team today at (855)-384-63401.

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Part of the Treatment Process

Recovery Unplugged Texas Understands that comfort and security is tied closely to success in inpatient treatment. Patients will be much more likely to embrace their care if they are comfortable in their residences. This is why we always strive to provide accommodations that are conducive to healing, comfort, reflection and tranquility. We can assure that you or your loved one are in the best of hands during your stay with us.

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