Recovery Unplugged Welcomes Rap Artists Sekkond Hand

2 May 2018
Sekkond Hand performs at Recovery Unplugged Texas

It was our sincere pleasure to host hip-hop artists Sekkond Hand last week. Throughout our years of helping patients heal through music-based care, Recovery Unplugged has worked with numerous emerging recording artists whose music transcends their genre and offers universal inspiration to those it touches. We were treated to a live performance and loose Q and A from the group as they talked about the power of music and its role in the long-term recovery process. No strangers to the perils of substance abuse and addiction, Sekkond Hand offered unique and candid insight into how music can change lives, transform moods and empower us every day.

Sekkond Hand also demonstrated music’s enormous healing power by providing an inspiring and unforgettable live performance. They were gracious enough to deliver two amazing shows for Recovery Unplugged patients: one at our RU Encore facility in Austin and another at our flagship location in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We would like to thank Sekkond Hand for the music and the knowledge, and we invite them to come back any time to showcase their tracks and spread their message. To experience some of the group’s insights on music and the recovery process for yourself, we invite you to read our recent interview.