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Committed to Addiction Care Research and Education

At Recovery Unplugged Texas, it is our firm belief that education is the driving force behind the continued innovation of addiction treatment; it is what has enabled us to discover the various benefits of music-based treatment and it is what will enable future clinicians to usher in new and innovative supplemental therapies.

Recovery Unplugged Texas remains committed to acting as thought-leaders at the forefront of addiction care research and have compiled a resource directory where prospective patients and their loved ones can get invaluable information regarding the treatment process and the various aspects of substance abuse.

Our eBooks, white papers and other information resources are meant to enrich education, promote conversation and let those impacted by addiction know that help is out there. Please feel free to browse our library.

The Role and Responsibilities of Families in the Addiction Recovery Process

Recovery Unplugged E-Book 1

This e-book discusses the varieties of issues families face when dealing with an addicted loved one.

The Significance and Impact of Supplemental Therapies in Addiction Treatment

Recovery Unplugged E-Book 1

This e-book focuses on the importance of specialized supplemental therapies in individualized patient care.

The clinical benefits of music in addiction and substance abuse care

Recovery Unplugged E-Book 1

This white paper explores the healing benefits of music in a clinical context and provides insight regarding the efficacy, application and success of music-based therapy.


Recovery Unplugged utilizes the universal language of music to help patients better articulate their emotions and overcome psychological obstacles that inhibit healthy self-discovery. Our creative leadership works closely with our clinical professionals to help patients find their voice and use it to heal.