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Helping Patients Reclaim their Lives in Recovery

Substance abuse creates chaos in practically every area of a user’s life if it goes on long enough, whether it’s their careers, their social relationships their family structure their legal freedom or anything else. It’s also unfortunately common for recovering addicts with longer histories of substance abuse to experience significant neurobiological alteration that can inhibit their ability to live independently immediately following recovery; they often lose their homes, their jobs, their sense of purpose and their savings to the disease of addiction. Rebuilding a life in recovery takes time, which is why Recovery Unplugged Texas is pleased to offer sober living in Austin.

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living or sober housing is a living arrangement in which patients stay in supervised housing during the last component of their long-term treatment. These houses may be co-ed or gender specific, depending upon the participating facility’s practices. Patients stay in sober living for fixed amount of time until they can incrementally get back on their feet and live independently in recovery. In addition to the traditional elements of treatment like continued rehab and regular drug-screenings, sober living offers logistical assistance and a supportive network of treatment professionals and fellow patients who understand the difficulties faced by the newly sober recovering addict.


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Structure, Security and Peace of Mind

Occupants of sober living homes are governed by certain rules of conduct that will ultimately determine their ongoing eligibility for continued treatment. These may include things like following curfew, adhering to random toxin screenings and more. Also known as halfway houses, sober living homes serve as a springboard between a life of independence in recovery and treatment. One of the ways they help patients incrementally regain their independence is by mirroring the normal dynamics of everyday life, including working a regular job, meal preparation, community living and much more. Patients move into these programs, based on eligibility, after completing inpatient treatment.

Sober Living in Austin, Texas

Sober Living in Austin, Texas

Recovery Unplugged Texas offers a quality and supportive sober living program in Austin as a supplement of our long-term treatment option. Patients complete inpatient treatment, which consists of detoxification, music-based rehab and behavior modification and then transition to sober housing based on their progress in treatment and their ongoing care needs. While in sober housing, patients continue to follow the Recovery Unplugged musical medicine approach, including writing therapy, production, performance and more. The ultimate hope is to have sober living serve as the final stepping stone to a post-treatment life of independence.

Recovery Takes a Lifetime

Even after patients successfully move out of sober housing, ongoing therapy and, in some cases, maintenance medication may be necessary for a long time after completion of treatment. Recovery Unplugged Texas is prepared to help you or your loved one regain your independence and autonomy from addiction. Our sober living in Austin gives patients the opportunity to get their lives back before they take full control for themselves. Call our experienced and qualified professionals today at (855) 384-6340 to determine if sober living is right for you.

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