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New Study Reveals Shocking Data on References to Drugs in Music

April 25, 2017 4:05 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , , , , , ,

Rock and roll and hip-hop have been closely linked to counterculture over the past few decades. They have developed an association with sex, substance abuse and violence, as have genres like heavy metal, jazz and other supposedly edgier categories. A new study, however, has many questioning their own conventional wisdom based on findings that country […]

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Three Career Choices that Are Prone to Higher Rates of Addiction

April 18, 2017 4:10 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , ,

When we start to examine our career choices early on in life, we immediately start making inevitable comparisons: money vs. time; opportunity vs. job scarcity; travel vs. telecommuting, etc. Very few, if any, of us are thinking about the likelihood that we’ll wind up succumbing to substance abuse and addiction by the sheer nature of […]

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2016 Red Ribbon Week Spreads Awareness of Drug Addiction

October 31st marked the conclusion of this year’s Red Ribbon Week, a nine-day event meant to spread awareness and education regarding the dangers of drug abuse and addiction. Red Ribbon Week was established by the National Family Partnership, an organization established in 1980 by parents affected by drug addiction in their families in an effort promote empowerment and action. Since their inception, they’ve become a national leader in prevention, education and advocacy on a mission to lead and support American families in nurturing the full potential of healthy and drug-free youth. This year marked the 31stanniversary of Red Ribbon Week, the organization’s flagship event.

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Are We All Wired for Addiction?

September 22, 2016 4:31 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , , ,

Last month, researchers at Texas A&M published a white paper making a decidedly bold claim: We are all wired for addiction on some level. The paper, entitled “What is Abnormal about Addiction-Related Attentional Biases?”, poses the argument that non-addicts exhibit many of the same behavioral patterns and biases as their addicted counterparts; it was written by Texas A&M psychology professor, Brian Anderson and has been published on the National Center for Biotechnology’s website, as well as other notable outlets. The documents raises some interesting questions regarding the behavioral pathology of substance abuse, and compels us all to ask ourselves just how close we are to falling victim.

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