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Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Get Involved In International Overdose Awareness Day

August 18, 2016 4:28 pm / by RU Texas posted in , ,

August 31 will mark the 15th annual International Overdose Awareness Day. The event was established to raise awareness of overdose and reduce the stigma of a drug-related death. It also acknowledges the grief felt by families and friends remembering those who have met with death or permanent injury as a result of drug overdose. International Overdose Awareness Day gives all interested participants an opportunity to connect with one another and combat the spread of overdose deaths around the world. It’s also a reminder to those who have suffered the unthinkable impact of losing a loved one to overdose know that they are not alone.

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Is Vivitrol Right for Me?

August 16, 2016 4:28 pm / by RU Texas posted in ,

Vivitrol has proven to be an effective resource in helping sufferers of opioid and alcohol dependency manage their cravings and overcome their withdrawal symptoms. The medication is used as part of an overall treatment program, and is not meant to replace any aspect of care. Vivitrol works by blocking the pleasurable effects associated with alcohol and opioid use, greatly diminishing cravings and, theoretically, making long-term abstinence easier. While it is a decidedly valuable tool in the fight against continued opioid and alcohol abuse, the drug is only for eligible patients who fit a standardized, multi-level criteria under established professional guidelines.

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DEA Says “No” to Looser Federal Marijuana Restrictions

August 11, 2016 4:27 pm / by RU Texas posted in ,

The latest chapter of the long and complicated story of marijuana has concluded with advocates for looser federal restrictions on the losing end. The Obama administration has rejected pleas by Democrat governors to take a look at how marijuana offenses are treated under federal law. Pointing to the Food and Drug Administration’s longstanding claims that there are no currently accepted medical uses for marijuana treatment in the United States, Drug Enforcement Administration chief Chuck Rosenberg roundly denied the request for further examination. The decision has left many who have been impacted by low-level marijuana offenses feeling defeated.

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5 Important Music Therapy Facts

August 8, 2016 4:23 pm / by RU Texas posted in

When people hear about music-based addiction therapy, they’re immediately compelled to ask numerous questions, not the least significant of which include “Does it really work?” and “How does it work?” The reality is that music has been a viable therapeutic resource for thousands of years. Whether it’s the repetitive beating of a drum or listening to your favorite songs on the radio, music truly does have charms to heal. It has also become a more commonly utilized supplemental therapy in the treatment of addiction and substance abuse, although recovery unplugged is the first to offer such a music-intense program.

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The Faceless Nature of American Addiction

July 27, 2016 4:21 pm / by RU Texas posted in

Addiction affects Americans of every age, ethnicity and economic background. It’s important that we recognize this for treatment and prevention purposes. One of the most common questions regarding drug and alcohol addiction, both in expert analysis and casual conversation, is: “Who does it affect most?” This is a perfectly natural curiosity as it helps people better understand the nature of the problem while allowing stakeholders to focus treatment and prevention resources where they are needed most. The trouble with this question, however, is that drug and alcohol addiction in America has gotten so pervasive, so ubiquitous, and so out of control, that it defies any one identity or group of identities. The sooner we realize the extensive nature of the problem, the sooner we will be able develop the sweeping and comprehensive solutions necessary to face it head on and help those in need.

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