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Music Therapy

New Study Reveals Shocking Data on References to Drugs in Music

April 25, 2017 4:05 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , , , , , ,

Rock and roll and hip-hop have been closely linked to counterculture over the past few decades. They have developed an association with sex, substance abuse and violence, as have genres like heavy metal, jazz and other supposedly edgier categories. A new study, however, has many questioning their own conventional wisdom based on findings that country […]

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Recovery Unplugged Featured in El Paso Inc. Article

January 24, 2017 6:30 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , ,

Recovery Unplugged had the honor of being featured on the popular Texas News and Lifestyle website Elpasoinc.com last week. The piece highlighted the Recovery Unplugged treatment approach and the positive impact of music in addiction treatment. It also included first-hand insight from some of our very own staff and former patients. Recovery Unplugged was honored and grateful to be featured in the piece, and we look forward to illustrating the innumerable benefits of music in addiction care when and wherever possible and appropriate. As pioneers of music-based treatment, we welcome any and all opportunities to further discuss its successes, evolution and future.

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Causey and Effect: Talking with Songwriter Buddy Causey

January 9, 2017 6:29 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , , ,

If you’ve never heard of Tuscaloosa singer/songwriter Buddy Causey, take a closer look at the canon of southern rock music over the past few decades. If that doesn’t work, check this year’s Grammys. A veteran of the music business, Causey started recording at Alabama’s legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studio when he was just 19 years old. He parlayed his passion and talent into a career that saw record deals on such labels as United Artists, Capitol, Roulette and Warner Bros. He also wrote thousands of jingles for companies like McDonald’s, Miller Beer and Betty Crocker. Along the way, however, the reflective and deeply spiritual Causey fought a decades-long battle with substance abuse and addiction: “I got involved with everything you shouldn’t be involved with, hand over fist.” His primary drugs of choice were pills and marijuana.

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Every Which Way: A Conversation with Montana Songwriter Neil “Filo” Beddow

November 21, 2016 4:39 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , , ,

When we enter a rehab facility, for any reason, we often do so with the singular mission of either admitting ourselves or a loved one to the facility, or asking questions about the quality of the program. In other words, we’re not often concerned with what music is playing through the speakers. After decades in […]

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The Accidental Journey of Philly Songwriter Trip Boyd

November 16, 2016 4:38 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , , ,

Although his matter-of-fact and casual demeanor may not show it, Philly-based songwriter James “Trip” Boyd is a man who has led many lives, through which the common threads have been music and substance abuse. Now, exceedingly content in this latest stage of life, and with years of sobriety under his belt, Boyd was good enough to sit down with Recovery Unplugged to discuss his tumultuous past, comfortable present and hopeful future. For all of its uniqueness and its many twists, turns and layers, Boyd’s story is one that could really happen to anyone, and that’s exactly how he tells it.

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Sing Your Life: The Positive Impact of Singing on the Brain

October 21, 2016 4:34 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , ,

Ever notice how we often sing when we’re excited, exuberant or motivated? This is not a coincidence. Nor is it a coincidence that over 30 million adults in America are in choirs. Whether we’re in the car, performing live, singing with our friends, cleaning our houses or in any other environment, singing just makes us feel better. This is one of the reasons why, regardless of whether or not we’ve ever picked up an instrument, we can all benefit from music therapy. Group-singing, in particular has been said to elicit feelings of camaraderie, jubilation and fulfillment. The reasons for this are many and varied.

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The Importance of Specialized Therapies in Addiction Treatment

October 19, 2016 4:34 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , , ,

Recovery Unplugged recently published a FREE white paper on the positive impact of music in addiction treatment, and its power to heal those suffering from deep-rooted emotional trauma. We are exceedingly proud of our own Dr. David Kramer for his authorship of this document and look forward to being an integral part of the ongoing conversation conversation regarding more progressive and specialized therapies in addiction care. The days of cookie-cutter treatment are over. Addiction is an unpredictable disease that impacts many, if not all, aspects of sufferers’ lives. Patients in treatment will benefit best from a program that is equipped and inclined to offer the most targeted treatment possible. A fundamental element of this approach is the inclusion of innovative supplemental treatment therapies.

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Taking It with You: Embracing Music in Everyday Recovery

October 18, 2016 4:33 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , , ,

At Recovery Unplugged, we commonly hear concerns from prospective patients about their lack of musical experience prior to treatment. They’re concerned that they have to have an overtly musical background as a pre-requisite to taking advantage of our program. The truth is that everybody can benefit from music therapy, regardless of whether or not they’ve ever picked up an instrument, written a lyric or even attended a concert. If they have a favorite song, or simply a song of which they’re particularly fond, they can experience the healing power of this modality.

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Rock 4 Recovery Group Healing Wounded Veterans through Music

October 13, 2016 4:33 pm / by RU Texas posted in , , , ,

Recovery Unplugged is always gratified and inspired to see another organization working to heal vulnerable populations through the power of music, and that’s exactly what Army Staff Sgt. (Ret.) Paul De La Cerda has been up to. His group, Rock 4 Recovery, is a Houston-based organization that uses music therapy to help veterans who have been wounded in combat. In a recent interview with the Houston Press, De La Cerda describes his impetus to start Rock 4 Recovery, relaying a story of how in 2005, an IED exploded near his vehicle leaving him with traumatic brain injury. The physical injuries caused subsequent memory loss, depression and PTSD.

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Utah Musician Creates Musical Score for 12-Step Process

October 12, 2016 4:32 pm / by RU Texas posted in , ,

It can hardly be denied that the 12-Step Process is full of emotion. Throughout this journey, we experience a full range of feelings, from hope to triumph to disappointment to desperation and everything in between. Some of us are able to go through it in one fluid motion; some of us stumble and have to find our way back to the path of recovery however we can. Although the emotion and drama associated with the 12-step process can very much feel like we’re going through our own epic film, nobody has ever thought to write a musical score to it…until now.

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