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Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Helping Patients Overcome Co-Occurring Disorders

Dual-diagnosis is characterized by the presence of an addiction with a separate co-occurring mental health issue, like depression, anxiety or PTSD. Substance abuse is very often the product of an underlying mental disorder; however, it can also aggravate or even cause mental illness as life in addiction becomes increasingly difficult to manage and withdrawal symptoms take their toll. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Survey on Drug Use and Health, nearly eight million people suffer from some sort of dual-diagnosis disorder. Treatment for dual-diagnosis includes simultaneous yet separate care for substance use and mental disorder. Call Recovery Unplugged today for comprehensive dual-diagnosis treatment in Texas.

Identifying Dual-Diagnosis Cases

The emotionally traumatic nature of substance abuse can make it hard to identify a dual-diagnosis issue. The lines can often get blurred between cause and effect. It’s important that clinicians address each issue separately to provide customized care. After patients have been medically stabilized through medical detox and withdrawal management, they work with their therapists to address the root causes of their substance abuse issues. This helps our mental health professionals get a clearer idea of the relationship between their addiction and corresponding mental health issue. Recovery Unplugged Texas provides compassionate, music-based dual-diagnosis treatment in Texas.


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Treating Dual-Diagnosis Disorder

As with general substance abuse treatment, overcoming dual-diagnosis treatment requires in-depth psychotherapy and targeted counseling. Patients must be stabilized through medically supervised detox to ensure they’re healthy enough to move through the rest of treatment. After detox, patients need long-term psychiatric counseling and group therapy to assess the scope and severity of their mental health issues. In some cases, medications may be recommended to facilitate emotional stabilization. Once patients leave their program, it is highly recommended that they continue their therapy with an experienced and qualified professional.

Dual-Diagnosis Rehab in Texas

The Need for Dual-Diagnosis Rehab in Texas

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that about 1,175 adults in Texas received treatment for mental illness last year, representing less than 40 percent of all adults in the state struggling with mental disorder. Many of these patients are suffering from co-occurring substance abuse, whether it’s heroin, alcohol, prescription opioids or anything else. The need for dual-diagnosis rehab in has never been more urgent. Untreated co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse continue to impact quality of life in communities all over the state. While Texas has vastly improved over the past few years, many vulnerable residents still aren’t getting the help they need.

Recovery Unplugged offers quality and accessible dual-diagnosis treatment in Texas at our Austin facility. Patients receive comprehensive care for the immediate effects of their addiction and rehab to help them manage their mental illness. If you or a loved one are struggling with simultaneous addiction and mental illness, call our experienced and qualified clinicians now at (855) 384-6340. Our music-based care approach has helped many patients find their way to recovery and toward a better tomorrow. You can do this, but you can’t, nor should you have to, do it alone.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment at Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged Texas offers intuitive, compassionate, music-based treatment for co-occurring disorders. We’ve seen first-hand the power of music to unlock dormant emotions and help patients better access their feelings. Combining traditional medical detox and talk therapy with musical therapy exercises like songwriting, performance and music appreciation, we help patients confront the behavioral health issues that have developed either as a result or effect of their substance abuse. Don’t let dual-diagnosis issues dictate your health and quality of life. Start fighting back now. We offer inpatient, outpatient and partial-hospitalization programs and we cater to patients regardless of their musical background.

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