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Our staff is made up of experienced and qualified addiction care professionals and acclaimed songwriters and musicians. These professionals have come together to lend their expertise to a truly unique and effective recovery program. The Recovery Unplugged treatment experience is open to all patients, whether or not they have a musical background. Experience quality music-based drug rehab in Austin, TX. Recovery Unplugged Texas utilizes the power of music to help patients heal in a manner different and more effective than all other drug rehab centers in Austin, Texas.

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Let the Music In: Music-Based Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Austin

Recovery Unplugged Texas is an addiction treatment center in Austin helping individuals struggling with drug and alcohol abuse heal through a music-based recovery process. Our clinical experts work closely with our award-winning creative leadership to give patients a well-rounded, innovative recovery experience. We help patients heal through the process of writing, producing and performing their own music. Our music-based treatment approach helps patients increase their confidence while helping them deal with suppressed emotions that may have initially led to their substance use. We offer innovative and effective drug rehab in Austin Texas to adult men and women.

“We get them into a place where they can actually feel again.” - Klifton Fehr, M.S. RMHCI

Recovery Unplugged is exceedingly proud of our record of success in helping patients overcome addiction and rebuild their lives through music-based treatment. With “Behind The Treatment” we want to give you insight on what we do.

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Recovery Unplugged Texas offers a variety of customized treatment programs, including outpatient, partial hospitalization and residential. We provide expert medically supervised detox on premises and an idyllic healing environment in the vibrant and bustling city of Austin. We offer comfortable, beautifully appointed residences, freshly prepared meals, a state-of-the-art recording studio, swimming pools and much more.

Recovery Unplugged Texas is staffed by a full team of medical experts, therapists and musical professionals to help our patients reap the full benefits of this innovative treatment approach. Our staff work hand in hand to further the Recovery Unplugged mission and help our patients overcome their substance abuse and underlying mental health issues. Call us today to reclaim your life at the only music-based drug rehab in Austin, Texas.

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