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Alcohol Addiction in Austin

Quality Treatment for Alcohol Addiction in Austin

Austin is one of the nation’s premier party cities and has garnered a reputation for being a place to enjoy some of the best nightlife America has to offer. Unfortunately, this legacy comes with a higher-than-usual rate of alcohol addiction. In a town in which bars and nightclubs line the streets, it’s little wonder why there are such rates of alcohol addiction in Austin. The city has actually been identified as the hardest-drinking city in the state. Recovery Unplugged understands the urgent need for treatment in this area and offers quality, comprehensive music-based alcohol treatment in Austin. You don’t have to let your drinking control your life anymore. Call us today to start the healing process.

Am I Addicted to Alcohol?

Because alcohol addiction in Austin is so common, the lines may get blurred between abuse and legitimate use. Travis County, itself, has the highest rates of overall drinking in Texas. The longer alcohol abuse goes untreated, however, the harder it will be to quit. Recovery Unplugged successfully treats alcohol addiction in Austin through a comprehensive treatment approach that blends detox, rehab and music-based therapies like songwriting, musical performance and lyric writing. Our musical medicine approach helps patients access dormant emotions and confront the trauma that has contributed to their alcohol abuse. People start drinking for different reasons and confronting the origins can be difficult through traditional talk therapy. Music can serve as a cathartic release and help patients open up more.


Don’t become another statistic. Recovery Unplugged is ready to provide you or your loved one with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction treatment. Call Now: (855) 384-6340 to take your life back.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

The longer prolonged and untreated alcohol abuse persists, the harder it will be to ignore. It’s often said that alcoholics have to hit what’s known as “rock-bottom” before seeing they have a problem, but there are several indicators along the way that may serve as a clue, including:

  • Decline in Work or School Performance
  • Choosing Social Activities Based Solely on Drinking
  • DUI or Other Legal Issues
  • Constant Preoccupation with Drinking
  • Day Drinking or Drinking at Work
  • Withdrawal Symptoms and More

If you or a loved one is exhibiting these signs or any others related to problem drinking, get treatment immediately to avoid further damage.

What Does Alcohol Addiction Look Like?

If you’re suffering from alcohol addiction in Austin, or anywhere else, the disease will eventually impact every area of your life, from your family to your career to your finances to your social relationships. You don’t have to let your alcohol addiction win. Call Recovery Unplugged Texas today to start fighting back.

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