Explosion of Drug Addiction in Texas Creates Need for More Counselors

16 October 2017
Drug Addiction in Texas

The demand for substance abuse counselors in the Lone Star State has increased dramatically over the last few decades. Drug addiction in Texas, specifically San Antonio and Austin, has exploded and stakeholders...

CDC Reports Opioid Prescribing Rates Down Consistently Since 2010…Really?

10 July 2017
CDC reports decline in opioid prescribing.

There is a strange new conversation to be had among addiction treatment professionals, lawmakers, prevention advocates and anyone else with a stake in the opioid epidemic currently consuming the United States. ...

Drug Overdose Now the Leading Cause of Death for Americans Under 50

8 June 2017
Graves signifying deaths from drug overdose.

The Office of the Attorney General reports that fatal drug overdose rates hit a new in 2016. They also report that this year’s spike represents the largest single-year increase in American history. In 2015, t...

Will Fentanyl Dealers Start Seeing More Accountability for Overdose Deaths?

13 April 2017

A Rhode Island woman was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison for second-degree murder after she sold another woman fentanyl causing her to overdose almost immediately after the transaction. The woman who d...

What Does 2017 Hold for Addiction Treatment?

2 January 2017

As we begin to settle into another year, it can be overwhelming to contemplate how quickly time passes, and to think about what we failed to accomplish the year prior. The passage of time can be even more overw...