RIP Chuck Mosley: Another Casualty of the Disease of Addiction

14 November 2017
Chuck Mosley succumbs to the disease of addiction.

Last Thursday, the music world said goodbye to another one of its own as former Faith No More front man, Chuck Mosley succumbed to an apparent heroin overdose after a long period of recovery from the disease of...

CDC Reports Opioid Prescribing Rates Down Consistently Since 2010…Really?

10 July 2017
CDC reports decline in opioid prescribing.

There is a strange new conversation to be had among addiction treatment professionals, lawmakers, prevention advocates and anyone else with a stake in the opioid epidemic currently consuming the United States. ...

Opioid Addiction Prevention Funding Quadruples in National Budget

3 May 2017
Stethoscope on dollar bills for opioid addiction prevention.

If you’re like many busy Americans, you probably haven’t had the time to comb through the many intricacies and fine points of the latest national budget to notice that it has dramatically increased funding ...

Misinformation Plays Significant Role in Texas Drug Epidemic

9 March 2017

It’s, frankly, little surprise that many healthcare organizations and state agencies would have a hard time keeping up with the glut of addiction-related fatalities consuming the United States. The reality is...

Kroger to Sell Narcan at Pharmacies in 105 East Texas Locations

9 February 2017

With the state of Texas battling a fierce and pervasive heroin and opioid problem, lawmakers, police, recovery advocates and ordinary residents alike are banding together to come up with more and more solutions...

What Does 2017 Hold for Addiction Treatment?

2 January 2017

As we begin to settle into another year, it can be overwhelming to contemplate how quickly time passes, and to think about what we failed to accomplish the year prior. The passage of time can be even more overw...

A Family Thing: Talking with Unlikely Songwriter Patricia Bronson

15 December 2016

For the entirety of our Artists in Recovery Series, Recovery Unplugged has been focusing on how musicians use music to help cultivate and sustain their recovery. Our latest installment flips the script and disc...

Tom Petty to Be Named MusiCares 2017 Person of the Year

13 December 2016

A cluster of music’s greatest living artists will pay tribute to one of their own in just a few months’ time, as legendary singer/songwriter and Heartbreakers front-man Tom Petty is honored by MusiCares as ...

Missed Opportunity: What Last Night’s Debate Says about the Current State of Addiction Awareness and Political Will

27 September 2016

If you’ve been paying attention during this year’s admittedly bizarre presidential election cycle, you will notice that each figure above corresponds to a state that has been tasked with hosting a president...