House Committee Takes Fresh Look at Opioid Addiction in Texas

2 November 2017
Opioid Addiction in Texas

It’s little secret that Texas stands right alongside the rest of the United States in its constant and overwhelming battle to combat opioid abuse within its borders. Between the flow of prescription painkille...

Settlement from Drug Distributor Suits to Be Used to Fund Opioid Addiction Treatment

22 August 2017
Opioid addiction lawsuit.

In response to the rampant and ongoing opioid addiction epidemic claiming more and more of its citizens, West Virginia has passed a landmark piece of legislation aptly named the Ryan Brown Addiction Prevention ...

CDC Reports Opioid Prescribing Rates Down Consistently Since 2010…Really?

10 July 2017
CDC reports decline in opioid prescribing.

There is a strange new conversation to be had among addiction treatment professionals, lawmakers, prevention advocates and anyone else with a stake in the opioid epidemic currently consuming the United States. ...

Is Probuphine Treatment Right for Me?

7 July 2017
Probuphine implant.

In May of 2016, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first-ever six-month buprenorphine injectable implant in the hopes of helping patients successfully recover from long-term opioid dependency. Since ...

Aetna Loosens Restrictions on Addiction Treatment Coverage

28 February 2017

And now a bit of good news for addicts and their families who are concerned about treatment access in this uncertain healthcare climate. Leading health insurance provider Aetna recently announced plans to remov...

Dropkick Murphys’ New Album Tackles Addiction and Substance Abuse

16 January 2017

It’s called 11 Short Stories of Pain and Glory and it’s the ninth album from Quincy, MA punk legends Dropkick Murphys. The record was made right here in Texas and was deeply inspired by the Massachusetts op...

What Does 2017 Hold for Addiction Treatment?

2 January 2017

As we begin to settle into another year, it can be overwhelming to contemplate how quickly time passes, and to think about what we failed to accomplish the year prior. The passage of time can be even more overw...

How Vivitrol Helps Families after Treatment

29 November 2016

Those of us who have helped our loved ones manage addiction know how difficult it can be. Even after the best treatment and the most positive and encouraging signs of progress, the path can still be difficult. ...

An Important Message from Recovery Unplugged Medical Director Dr. David Kramer

15 November 2016

I’ve treated thousands of patients over my 20-year career as a doctor on the front lines of substance abuse and psychiatric illness. Recently, however, I had a heartrending experience that I feel must be shar...

US Prisons Using Vivitrol to Curb Post-Release Opioid Addiction among Inmates

14 November 2016

Addiction and incarceration have been closely linked for decades. One of the primary critics of this country’s current drug laws is that they disproportionately punish non-violent offenders, needlessly crowdi...